Stand Together Now by Savannah Lathem


Stand Together Now

I was inspired to write, to write Stand Together Now as an expression of bringing hope and light to the world through music during this shocking COVID-19 outbreak. COVID-19 has literally caused so much worldwide separation, pain, sickness, devastation, and so many unnecessary deaths.

I wrote Stand Together Now as a coping mechanism to vent my feelings on paper during quarantine, separated from all my friends & family members, while living alone as a young, single adult. Like the rest of the world, I need to remain optimistic and hopeful that we will find a vaccination. It is my deep passion and concern for the well-being of everyone that led me to sit down at my piano to write the lyrics & music of Stand Together Now. It is a heartfelt Pop song that encourages everyone to stay safe while gathering with family, friends, and use social distancing as a measure to remain safe.

We can, and we will eradicate COVID-19 and regain our freedom that has been stolen from us from Coronavirus. Let’s Stand Together Now.

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